The Roller Coaster Creator offers two modes: sandbox and career mode. Career mode has several dry challenges whereas sandbox mode features a fun creation tool. In career mode, you work with McGee who hires you to bring life to his antique old coasters. The goal of the game is to hit particular theme park checkpoints, which change the speed of the coaster. In as much as you don’t need to pass all levels in career mode so as to unlock sandbox mode, career mode is the only option that unlocks customizing features in sandbox mode.

In sandbox mode, the gamer builds up a customized coaster and this is why the customization features are of great help. Then again, sandbox mode allows the player to adjust the coaster’s design, loops, drops and turns even after coming up with the basic layout. Sandbox mode also allows the gamer to design a park though it is not very consequential since it is mostly used as a decorative feature in the park when riding a coaster. It is so easy to play the game as the controls are on the touch screen and require basic knowledge on how to operate such a screen.

Roller Coaster CreatorThe Coaster Creator comes with high quality graphics and provides a realistic picture of the experience. However, the game starts with ugly character models that are easily replaced by Miis when the gamer reaches a certain point in the game. Then there is this infamous section called the Star Roller. It is a mini-game that requires the gamer to collect stars as he rides the coaster. First, it looks pointless since the gamer doesn’t unlock anything and the section does not really cut it for what one would call fun when playing the game. Another issue is the career mode. It is a little more tedious that most people would expect though it is worth it considering the kind of customization you get in sandbox mode. Coaster Creator is such a hit for gamers who love coasters and are park enthusiasts.