Return Man game review


Return Man by ESPN is an online sporting game usually for gamers who like football, in this case American football and not soccer. The game has several versions, in which latest version, Return Man 6 also known as Wipe-out, is loaded with more features and updates making the gaming experience better and more enjoyable. Features like graphics are better than its earlier versions. Wide angling feature this makes gaming experience much higher for everything in game play is perfect and in detail like ability to see number of yards covered.

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Game is much easier to grasp if gamer particularly understands the basics of American Football. Hardness or complexity of game has been enhanced by adding features like water smashing and snow falls making it much more interesting. To pass these levels and unlock consequent levels, tactful strategies and great skills are needed. Generally the game tests for defending capabilities. Social communities have been added to the game making it easier to connect and compete with other gamers online through multiplayer mode for single player mode can be at time be very boring. This is a comprehensive return man review, for more info click here.

Game Interface:

The game interface is usually simple and can be handled by normal gamers or users where there are no complications. Game instructions are stated clearly hence no need of any other information to proceed forward with the game. Screen is simple where to control over the field easily for it gives wide angle for viewing and carrying out the ball easily. Recent updates have been well done with additional fields on the graphic interface and their usage. Once a given stage is complete a pop up appears indicating game achievements as number of yards covered in field along with score being listed clearly. Additional features like snow fall and water smashing are added at certain stages.


Return Man is a very challenging but fun football based game. The game main objective is to catch touchdown passes and avoid enemy encounters and focus on main task which is reaching the yellow circle on time to catch ball and run down the field to the end zone. In attempts to make game easier, game developers have added a feature of green dots in the game which help in finding perfect route direction to where the ball is positioned. Each time five attempts are available to succeed finally and advance to next level or stage. An additional task involved in the game is that only one football hero attacks or tackles opposing team while other teammates only assist in protecting the football hero and help in getting to score a touchdown. Manoeuvring opposing team is major task and avoiding getting tackled or caught or task of catching the quarterback of opposing team.


how to play

Easy gameplay is enhanced with knowledge on a few basic controls which gamers should be familiar to. Keyboard is major game controller with certain keys having certain game functions;

  • Pressing the I key player runs forward
  • Pressing the K key player runs backwards
  • Pressing the J key player runs to the left
  • Pressing the L key player runs to the right
  • Pressing the Spacebar key to continue gameplay or catch passes.
  • Pressing the M key mutes the game sound

Additional basic game controls can be unlocked including special moves that will help in advancing each stage and through to other stages or levels.

  • Pressing the A key is for jump catch or activates the Spin special move at stage 2 in other versions.
  • Pressing the S key is for after burner or activates the Speed Burst special move which is also known as the Afterburner special move at stage 4 in other versions.
  • Pressing the D key for diving catch or activates the Front Flip special move at stage 6 in other versions.

Stages and Levels:

Return Man consist of15 stages with each stage offering different number of levels to be finished so as to unlock the next stages. There are 2 levels in stage 1, 3 levels in stage 2, 4 levels in stages 3 and 4, 5 levels in stages 5, 6 and 7 and so on.

In every stage there are 4 possessions to work with. Once tackled possession is lost and level is retried. Losing all four possessions ends the game. All game progress is saved, enabling stage replay for stages previously completed or passed if game is lost.


The game comes along with high scores option which counts aspects of the game like amount of caught passes and amount of green dots hit. High scores can be uploaded to ESPN list to show off one’s gaming skills. Gamers use the feature to compete against other players after competing with their friends.



At times game can be very difficult to beat and advance to next levels and stages. Some tips come in hand to break this deadlock and make game easily playable,

  • Power-up booster can be found in the middle of the field with a lightning symbol on it. Grabbing booster enables a short burst of speed and rush past defenders.
  • Use special moves wisely to good effect.
  • Running backwards sometimes in some cases helps in making the winning touchdown.
  • At beginning of the game sprint the football hero into the yellow circle early enough making catching the ball a lot easier than missing it and running after it.
  • On the snow covered field levels, be sure to Account stopping time appropriately on snow covered field level for football hero slides a lot.

This was an in-depth return man review, to gibe basic knowledge on the game especially for beginners and game enthusiasts who may love playing the game.

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