Happy Wheels 2 Fun with blood and Physics.

Happy Wheels 2 Fun with blood and Physics.Happy Wheels is a flash-game developed by Jim Bonacci which was released in 2010. Jim was apparently not happy with the state of flash games on the web and so decided to take things into his own hands. The result? A slick game with clean graphics that obeys all laws of physics and interestingly enough, there is more than a touch of dark humor in happy wheels. Fair warning though, it is not for the faint of heart, because every misstep, every bad decision is punished with extreme violence: Squishing brains, torn limbs and fountains of squirting blood are the game’s greatest attractions!

How to play?

The game involves completing levels on a vehicle. The vehicles, with varying number of wheels, and the characters on them ride through an obstacle course filled with challenges and have to reach the finish line or trigger an event which ends the level.


The game begins with four characters that you can choose from with the option of unlocking more as you play. What sets this game apart is the detailing in the characters. They range from a wheelchair guy to an extremely irresponsible father shown cheekily by a poorly cared for child riding with the father, and the best part of it all? Different characters react differently to the challenges in the level. Their violent deaths are also different – another example of the dark humor in Happy wheels 2!


  1. The arrow keys control the movement of the vehicle/character
  2. Z ejects from the vehicle
  3. Primary action Z and Shift, and Control are allotted for secondary actions.

So, go ahead and try the game. If you are a science enthusiast who doesn’t mind a little gore and is fond of puzzles that tickle your mind, Happy Wheels with all its dark humor, violence and innovative ways of dying might just give you one of the most enjoyable rides of your life.


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