Today’s news is – Cubefield!

Sorry guys for long absence, I have been busy playing new Call Of Duty: Black Ops III and imposible quiz, I know I know I’m hard core gamer who wastes nearly all of his time in different PC games and irresponsible blogger who doesn’t write new posts very often, but I promise I will change and I will give you new updates more often.

Today's news is - Cubefield!So today is December and it is quite cold outside, best time to sit home in warm cozy chair and play different flash games all day long. Today we will be playing Cubefield, this is kind of puzzle game where different cubes fly all over the place chaotically and all you have to do is to dodge them. Simple isn’t it? Maybe at the first glance, but wait couple of minutes when game’s speed increases and you will find it pretty hard.
I want to note that similar running game is Run 3, same kind of gameplay, same kind of style, etc. Take a look at it, you might enjoy it.

What I like most in this game is aspect of fear, while playing you are afraid of crashing into cubes, you become nervous and you lose your concentration and BOOM, you are dead. Main challenge in this game is stay calm, the longer you stay calm the longer you will survive, simple as that.

Since game is pretty hard and higher levels are difficult to finish, some gamers made unblocked or hacked version of this game, I have went through quick Google search with Cubefield Unblocked and found tons of sites where you could play it. However, I don’t encourage anyone to play hacked games, they are too easy and game loses sense pretty fast if you it.

I have also went through YouTube and found dozens of videos where skilled gamers play this funny game and I must say they play it like a boss, some people have such a good reaction and fast response… you guys should really check those videos and see what they are doing there, it is insane!

This is my post today guys, now I will go back to playing COD, meanwhile you give Cubefield a try, I’m pretty sure you will love it, cya and have fun ppl!

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