The Return Man 4 Linebacker Flash Game Review

The Return Man 4, also known as Return Man Linebacker, is a favorite game that thrills most flash game enthusiasts. It’s an American Football game developed by ESPN. If you’ve tried playing the prior versions of the game, you understand that your team was always placed in the attack position, and that you’ve to try scoring a touchdown.

return man 4

Objective of the game
On the contrary, your team will always be in the defense position when it comes to Linebacker. Additionally, your main objective involves stopping your opponent from scoring a touchdown. The player is hereby required to apprehend and catch the man with the ball. You’re required to use your running skills to catch the enemy fast before he touches the finish line.

Also, if your opponent (the enemy team) catches you, you’ll be required to fight them. Keep in mind that the game becomes somewhat challenging as you progress, although some extra help—including new special moves and new strong classmates—is waiting for you. These new special moves are quite handy as it helps you run faster and safer than your enemies.

The Linebacker is related to a real football, where the main aim is to apprehend the opponents and catch the ball before it touches the finish line. Therefore, you’re required to learn perfect strategies to get through the blockers in order to accomplish this game.

Your skills will be upgraded as you advance in the game. As you progress, you’ll be given such skills like bull rushing, swimming and shucking. These skills are essential when it comes to overwhelming the enemy team blockers. Make sure to move very cautiously, and always avoid hitting your opponent.

The controls of this game are very easy and simple to understand. In addition, they are comfortable to utilize as well. Use the I, J, L and K buttons to move in different directions. You may similarly choose to utilize the arrow keys rather than using these buttons. The space bar is used to dive tackle or continue, whereas the M button is used to mute the sound.

Special moves:
A – Swim.
S – Shuck.
D – Bull Rush.


It is essential to unlock all the special moves in Return Man Linebacker game. Also, make sure to enhance your defense and do not allow anyone to pass.

The Linebacker is absolutely the best flash game that’s very advanced. It’s exclusively based on the defensive concept of the American Football. This latest version developed by ESPN boasts elegant and absolute simplicity, in addition to advanced features that will delight any sport gamer’s selection. It’s an ideal game for everyone who loves sports and flash games.

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