The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 is a flash game developed in 2007 by Splapp-Me-Do. This game is also released as test type app for the Android and iPhone. The objective of this game is simple; you should answer all the given questions and beat the quiz. When the game starts, you have three lives and one life will be lost with every wrong answer you make. When you lose all of them, it will be a Game Over. You will get a question or task and usually four clickable options. But, be careful a lot of the questions have tricks or double meanings. During the game you can receive Skips that will let you to skip particular questions.

The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter-2

The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 game controls
Use mouse to answer questions given in multiple-choice format. Generally, there are four options to choose from. Sometimes you will have different type of questions so that you will have to search for something in a picture, solve a puzzle or make some mouse movement to click things in the right order. Please follow link to play The Impossible Quiz book chapter 1 .

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