Solitaire Game: A Fun Card Game

World Of Solitaire is a card game that utilizes the standard 52 card deck. The game is quite simple and involves skill, strategy and some luck. What you will need as a player is the normal playing card deck excluding the jokers and a surface wide enough for laying out your cards. The solitaire game’s first objective is building up a foundation by releasing specific cards and placing them into their respective positions. Card placement follows a certain sequence and suit starting from the ace and ending with the king. Ultimately, the player has to build the entire pack into different foundations to emerge victorious.

Solitaire Game: A Fun Card GameGame controls:

Playing solitaire game entails drawing a card from the deck. To accomplish this, you hold the control key and then drag the target card from the deck. You then release the left key of the mouse. This will earn you some point and you need to continue doing the same for the remaining cards to get infinite points.

Playing solitaire:

To play the game, you are required to build sequences by transferring the cards presented in the tableau. If an ace is revealed, place it in a foundation pile. A complete foundation will have an ace at the bottom and a king at the very top. Cards are transferred one after the other and if no more face up cards can be moved, you can flip over the initial card to use the stock pile. Removal of cards creates a space in the tableau to enhance manipulation. The space formed can only be can only be occupied by a king.

To win the game, continue transferring the cards until all of them are arranged in the required sequence. The arrangement should be in a descending manner using alternating colors. For instance, a red Queen can be moved on top of a back King. At the end of the game, all cards should be properly placed on all the four foundations.

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