Gaming has crossed all the boundaries of age, whether it’s being the youth or the oldies, everyone loves to play the game. People play games to relax the mind and enjoy the fun filled experience of creativity and excellence. Apple shooter is one of such games; it has all the elements which make it a perfect entertainment source. It has excitement, joy, enhances skills, test your patience and thus making it an exciting is the best game for the archery lovers.

apple shooter

It is one of the top archery online shooting games. It is a game of fun and skills, perfect combination for the leisure. A game with bow and arrow makes you to hit the apple on your buddy’s head. You have to save the life of your buddy by hitting the right shot. To give it a real look along with the funny sight it has extra animations added in it such as the hit on the buddy’s body will make him all blooded. This look motivates you in hitting the right shot because no one can see his friend in this condition.


It is an archery game in which you have to hit an apple which is placed on your friend’s head. By using bow and arrow you have to try to hit the apple on the figurant’s head. You get two chances at each level. With the right hit on the target, you get further from the target. But if you kill your friend, the game is over. It gets more and more difficult with each level. You have to be very careful because haste can hurt your friend and which can cause you to lose the game as well.

Round 1


You can aim and shoot with the mouse. Aim the arrow and bow with your mouse. By moving mouse you can move the direction of arrow. Hold down the mouse button to draw the bow back. The longer you hold the mouse button, the more power the shot will have. Once you hold the mouse, the power par will appear on the screen which will help you in adjusting the power.

So come on archery lovers! Grab your bow and arrow and show your skills here, on an online platform. You do not have to step out of the house; you can enjoy your passion by just sitting on your computer. So test and polish your skill by playing this super exciting archery game.


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