Super Smash flash 2 characters small review

Super Smash flash 2 characters small reviewSuper smash flash 2 game abbreviated as SSF2 was developed by a developer group les by Cleod9 of Cleod Productions and published by McleodGaming.The Super Smash flash 2 characters in the game are Mario,Link and Kirby and also has 3rd and 4th characters called Llyoid,Megaman,Ichigo and Goku.

The Game is similar to the official Super Smash Bros. games and well as to popular pac xon unblocked, the characters health is measured by a damaged percentage counter.when attacked the damage accumulates and the value percentage increases,the higher the damaged percentage the easier the character is kicked off the stage.

The controlls are different A,S,D and W are keys for player 1 movement.Arrow keys move second player,O and P keys are still keys for player 1.O key is for spécial moves and P key is for standard attacks 3 key Is forshield and 4 for tauting.

player two uses 1 key for spécial moves and numpad 2 for standard attacks,numpad 2 for shield and numpad 4 for taunt.Matches are played in two modes.Time mode and Stock mode or one can play the two modes combined.every player receives a point when they beat an opponent and loses one point if they are beaten by their opponent or if they self destruct.

when the Game time is up,the player with the most points wins but if the Game ends on a tie-meaning both players have the same points There is another Game called a sudden death match to acquire the winner,That’s the person who will have the highest number of points in this sudden death match becomes the winner of the game.

In Stock mode game every player is given a chosen and specific amount of life by which they use to play in the game so that during the game,every time their opponent beats them they lose one life or every time they self destruct they still lose one life. When one loses all the lives they were given at the begining of the game then they are defeated and the game is over but if you are the opponent who is winning then you have to beat the other opponent and every time you beat them ,you gain one point and when the game time reaches and you are still standing with the highest polnts then you are the winner.

The game concludes with one player still standing who is now the winner.Then one can replay the game.


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